Raugh Stuff

IMG_0886A few years ago I made a big carved Raugh desk in the middle of the living room – and in the process learned that two-year old toddlers not only regurgitate on foam, but also love to chew it (go figure) and also that mouse pee melts little craters in it.  I loved the foam but the foam didn’t love us.  Or at least it didn’t love our desert lifestyle.  This week we are prototyping a new setup of a smoothly sanded walnut frame with a plush raugh foam interior… the potential seems limitless.


IMG_0859For the last year there has been a teetering pile of cardboard boxes precariously stacked against the dining room wall. Today the masterpiece was finished and installed…. Walla!

The New Everyday Life

IMG_0762We finally did it!  After what seemed like the most intensive planning session ever we pulled off our first installment of “The New Everyday Life” this weekend.  The program was led by four workshop leaders (Trinie Dalton, Wells Pollock, Chantale Doyle and Katie Grinnan) and there were eleven participants.  Unlike the larger events the group this weekend was small, and by the end of two days I felt like I had learned something about each person who turned out.  The picture above of the inside of the school bus that Wells lives in and uses as a leather working studio.  Before his session started he squeezed blood oranges into soda water and made sort of virgin cocktails for everyone.