New Windows


Ok – there is actually a lot more then just new windows at this point – but I need to take better photos.  So far we have the building (mostly) wrapped and ready for stucco, new windows in the front, new sliding glass doors in the back, swinging glass doors (two installed, three to go) and tomorrow the wood siding should go up on the exterior!

Wrap Up


We are into the final hours of finishing up the work for the exhibition at Sprueth Magers…  This is the last show that will be fabricated in the shipping container studio.  Goodbye waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain and having to run outside in my PJs to put  plastic over everything in the wet cold blowing wind!   Goodbye not being able to work eight hour days because it gets freezing outside when the sun goes behind the hill!  Goodbye running out of space and having half of the work outside, precariously vulnerable to windstorms while it waits to ship!