Winter Uniform

110318_0082Now that it is almost spring –  it is high time to put up a photo of the personal uniform I’ve been wearing this winter!  But the disclaimer is that I do so much physical labor, I’ve actually gotten sort of precious with the uniform and usually wear it “out” – like when I’m in public – but not in the studio.  Which defeats the purpose of having a uniform – right?  Or maybe needing some legitimate work clothes is actually just an excuse to try a bunch of new designs before winter is officially over.  Here are some new sweater/poncho things that I’ve made to wear with jeans when I’m trying to keep warm at work.  (ok – so the amber necklace isn’t really work gear – but I found it at Pioneer Crossing last week when I was looking for accessories for the shelves we just made for the show in Berlin).





Last week the new remote for my camera finally came in the mail – it is tiny – and awesome!  Emmett decided that since it was so small that it should really be a toy for him…  especially after I showed him how it worked and he decided to set up an afternoon photoshoot featuring Thunder Angel.


now screening at the HQ…

110326_0202We just got a big flat screen monitor at the HQ – Look at how great Brennan Conway’s video “Trajectory” looks on it!  We first met Brennan when he volunteered to help out with the deep dessert screening of Bernd Behr’s video.  After finding out more about Brennan own work we thought it would be a great addition to the ever expanding offerings at the HDTS Headquarters.

In 2008 Brennan was awarded a residency at CLUI’s Wendover, Utah location  – The town is near wide open salt flats and surrounded on two sides by vast weapons- testing areas.  Brennan thought this was a good place to perform his own weapons test with a lever-action rifle, or “repeating rifle” – often called the “gun that won the west.”  Taking aim at the distant horizon, he fired a single bullet across the desert… then he went searching for it.