richard rigg


Richard Rigg, a wonderfully well mannered and willowy artist from Newcastle (UK) has been our guest here at AZ West for the last week while he works on a project “Inhabitant of the Watchtower”  – a collaboration with CIRCA Projects that coincides with his exhibition at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.  After working tirelessly all week to assemble the transmitter in the sweltering August heat, he finally headed out to the hottest and most remote edge of Wonder Valley to install – working quickly to get everything set up during the brief cooling sunset hours.


Goodbye Lucas!


Yesterday we said goodbye to our awesome summer intern Lucas Wrench  (shown shrouded in mystery in this photoshoot that we just did with one of the amazing blankets woven by Sheila Shanti for our fall show).  Lucas was such a good sport about the heat and all of the crazy grunt work that had to go down at AZ West this summer – After wrapping things up here in Joshua Tree he has one more year of undergrad and then fantasizes about moving to Detroit.  If anyone in Detroit is reading this let us know so we can put you in touch with Lucas.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work – we are going to miss you!